Friday, 27 December 2013

Ways to earn money from a website

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I usually get a lot of mails from people asking how they can make money through their websites. Actually making money online is a long process but it works.
There are various cool ways through which you can make money. Most of the people may be already aware of these things but this post will be of great help to those who are new to this field.

I am writing some easiest ways to monetize your website, depending upon your niche so you can always select the best method to earn some money online:

1. Affiliate marketing:

It is again a promising way to earn a lot of money. Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product and get up to 50% of the price of that product. Your income may depend upon the quality of the product you are selling.
So choose best product in your niche and sell it. Affiliate marketing works phenomenally well if it is mixed with email marketing. You can also check our affiliate program if you want to earn money by selling some best WordPress themes.

2. Job boards:

It’s another great method to monetize your website. You need to setup a job forum where other people will post new jobs to be done and readers and visitors will apply for the job. If your site is in WordPress then you can use jobpress plugin to setup a job board for your readers. It is very competitive field so many new small blogs fail in achieving it because if you are not able to get readers to apply for the job then it’s of no worth.
Problogger is a good example of job board; you can check it and get an idea.

3. Selling Services:

It is very powerful technique to earn a lot of money through a website. It is highly profitable and easy to implement. What you have to do is make “services” page in your website and put testimonials for that service and add a buy now button so that readers can easily get it if they want. You need to get huge traffic so that maximum people can see your services. Blog is the best way to get traffic to your website.
Remember, your services should have some uniqueness about it and I suggest you to set the price low at the beginning

4. Advertising:

It is the most common and popular way. Put adds on your website and start earning on the basis of paid per click or paid per 1000 clicks or paid per time frame. The best example of it is Google Adsense which is paid per click. You can use the other two methods to get more profit because most people are aware of only Google Adsense. If you want to place ads in your website then you must have a design which gives you ample space to show adds.

5. Email marketing:

Building an email list will get you a lot of money. If you have a huge email list then you will be able to drive traffic to your website which makes you money through other methods. You can send emails to listed email ids to let them know about your latest product and services.
The main advantage of email marketing is that you are able to deliver your services and products directly in the inbox of your customer. The best way to create an email list is to set up a signup form at your blog and send free reports to inbox of peoples so that you get more signups.
You need to register an Aweber account and start getting email id’s of people by adding an option in your page to subscribe for your blog updates.

6. Review Products:

There are many successful bloggers who review products on their blogs. It adds great advantages to their blog as well as money to their bank accounts. Reviewing products gets them great original content and if that product has an affiliate program then it will make a lot of money through it. You can write reviews of anything which comes in your mind, but it should be honest so that people can get advantage from your review.

7. Membership & premium content:

If you have great expertise in any field then you can use your vast knowledge to earn money online. Later you can hire others having good knowledge on any topic. What you need to do is set up a membership site. For your Premium members you will have to put up all the contents and tutorials so that they can get help from it. Free users will be entertained with less content and if they want to read more then they will have to signup for a premium account. You can post videos for premium members so that they love your site.

8. Sell your own product:

Your own product? Yes, as we do we develop our unique WordPress themes which are loved by people and they buy it. If you don’t want to develop something like that then don’t worry you can make quality content as your product. There are a lot of people who will buy your content because they need it either to teach someone else or to learn themselves. The best way to create your content is create a 35+ page document and turn it into PDF file and start selling it. Put some content on your site and ask readers if they love it or not. If they want to read it more, then simply they can buy it.

9. Selling your website:

The last and the best option which I prefer is to sell your website by keeping good content on it. Work hard on your website and increase its PR and Alexa so that you can get lot of money when you sell it. Selling your website will generate good revenue for you. If your website is old and has something unique about it then you can get a good price by selling it in an open market. If you want to sell your website then you need to land on This site is a great platform for webmasters to sell website and it allows other people to bid and buy those websites.


If you want to earn money from your website then you should know clearly that it depends upon how big your site is? What is your niche? Work hard on your site, give your efforts and time, building it and make it search engine friendly. These all things will assure that you will make good money with your website.
Hope this post will help you to boost your income. Let me know how it helped you.

 P.S : Not my article alone.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"Go Big,or Go home"

Yes, I admit! I decided too late to take up entrepreneurship in my blood to pump up my Idea’s. But it’s well said by George Eliot “It is never too late to be what you might have been”. After completion of my Engineering I took up a 9 to 5 job. I am well paid although, but there is something missing. There is something incomplete and I must fill that gap as soon as possible. I look around what is happening around me. What great thing people of my age had done or doing at present. After a Google search or so I found that there are too many great people who are younger than me and they are star achievers today. The Google search had slapped me twice on my both side. Also, I was in continuous process of soaking inspiration from great entrepreneurs and business tycoons and the mix up both realized me that, yes this is the time to take a fresh life. But the big question is still dominating inside my mind. What to do?

I thought, if I have to something I must act from the very next minute of my life.
I was restless and hunger to do something without knowing what to do. Despite having lots of Ideas burning inside my head I was not able to figure it out on what I must act now. I decided to pen down my thoughts on business and entrepreneurship and let’s see where I am destined to go.

And this is how this Blog came into its existence.

In this blog I wish to write about stuff people love to read or work on. I want to let people know and realize there potential. There extra talent and urge to something else, whatever it would be. One should just not sit and wait for a dream job or company. I just say, go and create that kind of company. Although, it’s not an easy task but also it is not impossible to do so. 

You don’t need to wait to be 30 or more, with a beautiful wife or husband and 2 kids and then start a company. Don’t wait to act on your desire so long. Be creative, be innovative. Ideas should keep rolling inside your mind 24 cross 7. Doesn’t matter whether you are in a bus; you are pulling your socks or while pissing off even. Remember “Ideas are no one’s monopoly”.  There must be a burning desire, passion, an idea and zeal to do something. Something which may change this world, which makes you feel happy and have an impact on society. I can surely say there are infinite ideas undiscovered. Undiscovered for us! Rest if you are happy with your life ,  living the way most people do. It’s absolutely fine. “Satisfaction with what you have makes a man happy” is a perfect line to hit on you guys. You then need not to worry about anything. One would definitely create beautiful things for you.   But don’t your kids dare to curse on any undiscovered thing that should be available that day. Booking movie tickets online to reading your favorite novel on an iPod, everything is given to you by someone. You are saving your time, happy having great gadgets which can perform millions thing on just a touch is a gift to you which is given by “that someone”. But “that someone” must have tried with his full passion, devoted much of his time to create that thing for you so that your life can be simply easy.  Then why not we do something which may do wonderful things in people’s life? Think! 

Oh! Great diversion from the topic! 

Anyway at the end I would just say, for the people who are really very much interested in start – ups or creative works I will work with you guys. From the funding “Angel Investors” to motivational tips and gossips, all you can have at this one place.

P.S: Carry over to the next day I blog.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cash Flow Management - CFM

As today,many start-ups and even big companies are facing challenges due to uneven and inconsistent economical crises.Many CFOs and CEOs are now emphasizing on Cash Flow Management to help improve their company's financial situation.

From always,cash is known as the biggest asset of a company for its leveraging and exponential growth, so is the main focus of company.But what basically Cash Flow Management is all about?Cash Flow Management can be well understood by the cash flow cycle.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Journey

Hello and Welcome.

The journey of this blog started for the people who want to connect with different ideas and who believes they can give rise to small and medium enterprises,organization,school,universities,companies,start-ups and in whole-To this World.
The main motive of this blog is to inspire and to get inspire in different ways.

Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to run their own big business.Come,Be a part of this great blogging journey.Here's mine little part.

With Many Thanks
Kumar V